With a simple gesture,
we let your loved ones know
your exact location during an emergency.
Imagine yourself alone, going out at night to meet a friend, to buy something or just chill and relax somewhere.
What if at one moment you felt someone is following you?
Worry no more! Croo is here. Use our heat maps to plan your trip, know the danger areas and take the precautions you need to take.
We make your simple gestures do more for you! With just a simple click on your croo accessory or a shake of your phone, we notify your loved ones of your current situation.
No need to know where you are, we do it for you! Your phone will send an SMS to your emergency contacts containing your current location and informing them that you are in danger.
We notify your loved ones through SMS so no need for them to have the app as well. With just a simple click on your accessory or shake of your phone, SMS containing your current location will be sent to your predefined emergency contacts informing them that you are in danger.
Long Battery Life
Only use it when you need it! Our accessories can last up to a year under proper care and use. Also, our application consumes smaller battery for you have the power to turn on the sensitivity to trigger or shake only when you are actually travelling.
Heat Maps
We collect, analyze and verify data from other croo users to identify which areas are danger-prone. With the data presented in the heat map, you can plan your route and/or take the necessary precautions when travelling.
Everyday wear & Smartphone
We make your normal day-to-day accessories do something more for you. We turn your accessories into a trigger that could instruct your phone to send an SMS. No need to take out your phone and know your exact location; click your accessory then WHOALA! notification sent!
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Ralph ChuaCEO & Co-Founder
Arisa OchavezCOO & Co-Founder
Karl Len DimlaCTO & Co-Founder
Arvin TomacruzCFO & Co-Founder
Rhiza TalaveraCo-Founder
Jayvic San AntonioCo-Founder
Robx BautistaCDO
Darth VidarMentor